Here's some of the awesome shit we can do together.

Photo by    Jonas Vincent

Photo by Jonas Vincent

One-on-One Coaching

Goals don’t have to be scary, capitalist, or weighted down with “should”s. Let’s find out what yours are and move toward them together, all while honoring your wholeness and where you’re coming from. We can do one big 90-minute power session, or work together on a regular basis. 100% customized to you and your journey, in-person or virtually, from anywhere in the world.

Photo by    Markus Spiske

Photo by Markus Spiske

Personal Care Days (NYC or remote)

Six hours. My undivided attention. One big deep-dive day. Maybe you need help making a plan for the next year or quarter. Maybe you need concrete tools for setting goals, soothing your inner critic, or confronting unspoken fears. Maybe you need hand-holding while you organize your closet, return to that manuscript you’ve been neglecting, or send that difficult email you’ve been putting off. Let’s do it together.

Photo by    Saksham Gangwar

Group workshops

Sacred space. Like-minded seekers. Wholehearted connection. Contact me to craft a custom offering for your workplace, protest choir, women's world domination group, yoga studio, queer support group, hippie church, or anywhere else that humans congregate.


Banner photo by Kacey Stamats.