Pricing is on a sliding scale based on income, minus expenses such as medical costs, student loans or tuition, childcare, and more.

Here’s how you determine your rate:

  1. Fill out the sliding scale worksheet, based on Third Root Community Health Center’s sliding scale deductions.

  2. Once you’ve determined your post-deduction income, find your rate on my sliding scale fee schedule, which is here.

  3. If that number is prohibitive, we can talk about arranging a payment plan; contact me to discuss.

Price ranges:

One-Time Appointments:
50 minutes: $149-$450 for individuals / $200-$600 for couples
90 minutes: $225-$675 for individuals / $300-$900 for couples

3 or more sessions: 
$125-$375 per session for individuals / $185-$550 for couples

Personal Care Days:
$300-$825 for a remote day (only 5 slots available at these rates)
$500-$1200 for an in-person day (lunch included)

I also keep a spot open in my roster for one pro bono client. Priority is given to queer, trans, and POC clients, but anyone who self-identifies as low-income may apply. Contact me to inquire.

I also am willing, in some cases, to accept barter as payment, exchanging an hour of coaching for an hour of your time in some other capacity. Contact me to discuss.

Click here for Full sliding scale fee schedule.

Payment plans available. Don’t be shy. let's figure it out.