Photo by Kacey Stamats

Photo by Kacey Stamats


Personal Care Days

Let’s go deep. Six hours together, in-person or remotely. Concentrated, human-to-human life magic.

  • Maybe you need help making a plan for the next year or quarter.

  • Maybe you need concrete tools for setting goals, soothing your inner critic, or confronting unspoken fears.

  • Maybe you need hand-holding while you organize your closet, return to that manuscript you’ve been neglecting, or send that difficult email you’ve been putting off.

We can do it. Together. In one big deep-dive day.

How it works:

  1. We touch base beforehand via email about your goals for the day:
    What do you want to address in our time together?
    What are you struggling with, yearning for, aiming to achieve?
    And, if I’m coming over…What do you like to eat?

  2. For a face-to-face Personal Care Day, I come to your apartment (or wherever you’d like to meet), as long as you’re within a two-hour commute from me in the Los Angeles area. I’ll bring snacks! And make you lunch!

    (NOTE: In-person Personal Care Days are only available in the Los Angeles area, unless you can cover my transportation and housing for me to travel to you.)

    For remote Personal Care Days, we’ll connect via Zoom video. I’ll be present with you on-screen all day.

  3. We spend a solid six-hour chunk of time together, including a lunch break. This time might entail, but is not limited to, the following:

  • deep deep coaching conversations

  • journaling or creative writing prompts

  • cleaning and/or organizing

  • planning/calendaring/budgeting

  • getting started on that shit you’ve been procrastinating

  • taking walks

  • meditation/breathing exercises

  • cathartic singing

  • tarot card pulls/readings

  • dance breaks

  • whatever magic makes sense at the time.

When we’re done, you'll feel grounded and resourced, with more clarity, joy, and ability to get shit done without burnout.


  • Remote session: $300-825, sliding scale.
    (Note: only 5 sessions are available at this introductory rate; this is the lowest price that will ever be offered.)

  • In person: $500-$1200, sliding scale. These are only available in the Los Angeles area, unless you can cover my transportation and housing for me to travel to you.

(Want to break up the payments? We can do a payment plan of up to four weekly installments!)

Contact me to reserve your Personal Care Day now.

Wanna know if a Personal Care Day is right for you? No problem - let's taco 'bout it.

(See what I did there? 🌮)

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