Photo by  Austin Chan  

Photo by Austin Chan 



Great question! Coaching is, simply, an ongoing conversation between the two of us that leads you toward achieving your goals. Those goals are crafted in the name of living a life more aligned with your values and desires. Here's how a coaching series with me might go:

Step 1: Figure out what your goals even are. 

Step 2: Determine your starting point. Your "starting point" is what you're coming into this with. Diagnostics. Baseline. What's your existing relationship to the thing you're trying to change?

Step 3: Set your first steps.

Step 4: Actually take those steps!

Step 5: How did that go? What needs to happen next?

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 as necessary!

This process might raise some questions, like...

  • Do I have to know exactly what my goal is when we start? Nope! We'll start our series with a conversation to clarify that.
  • Do I have to even like the word "goal"? Nope! I'll admit that the thought of setting "goals" for myself immediately makes my brain think of corporate America and my fraught relationship to "productivity" - but intentions, wishes, aims, visions? Yes yes yes, I can get behind those. It's the thing you're aiming for, and that's all.
  • Does my goal have to be concrete, corporate, or corny? Nope, nope, nope! The important thing is that you can quantify how you'll know when your goal is achieved. Your goal can be, "Make a living from my writing," but it also can be, "Feel the most confident I've ever felt," so long as you're clear on what that means. Your goal can be profane, silly, or whatever you like, so long as it's generative and actionable.
  • Is the goal we set on Day One permanent? Again, nope! You'll be receiving new information as we go, and the most important thing is that your goal be right for you and where you're at. Maybe you start with, "Have my first gallery opening," and it evolves into, "Make art every day." Or maybe your priorities change and you set a new goal of, "Create and maintain a daily routine that nourishes me." All options are valid and gorgeous.
  • So are you like a therapist? Nope! To be very very general about it, therapy is about what's there and where you've been; coaching is about where you're going. I'll do a lot of listening, but always in the name of figuring out where to go next.
  • Are you just going to tell me what to do? For the final time...nope! We start with the assumption that you already have everything inside you that you need, the awesome sauce that's been there this whole time. My job is to unlock it, maybe give you some tools to make it easier. But your action steps, especially after our first couple sessions, will be largely coming from you. Because you are the expert on your own life.
  • What happens if I don't do my action steps? Well, we have to talk about it. Maybe there's an excellent reason why you didn't do it. Maybe your life exploded and the appropriate answer was gentleness with yourself rather than pushing yourself to do All The Things. Maybe it was the wrong action. Or, maybe you're procrastinating and we need to help you to stop. You won't be in trouble, but you will be held accountable.


My approach

  • I'm squishy but practical. I know that progress is nonlinear and that you're not a machine, but I'm also action-oriented. I believe in making progress with you in the form of real and gorgeous change, even as we acknowledge together that capitalism has borked our relationship to achievement and you are worth more than your "results."
  • And I happen to think that this should be fun, too. I'll use your time efficiently, but I hope we can also giggle together sometimes.
  • I'm a little witchy, but you needn't be. If you're open to it, our work might entail visualization, meditation, somatic tools that check in with the wisdom of your body, and even the odd tarot card. If you're not into that, no worries - we'll keep it concrete.
  • I take a holistic approach, because I know that the different areas of your life don't magically compartmentalize themselves from each other; even if you come to me for a specific issue, I coach you as a whole person. 
  • You'll get what you put into our work together, but I'm also going to commit myself wholeheartedly to creating the structure for you to succeed.

I'll be your accountability buddy, your cheerleader, your sounding board, your chief strategist. You got this; I'm just here to help.