What liberation means to me.

Photo by  William White  on  Unsplash

Photo by William White on Unsplash

I just listened to the incomparable adrienne maree brown's Cast a Spell for the New Year episode on the incredible Healing Justice podcast. (I know I just used a bunch of super gushy adjectives in a row; trust me, they are all warranted!) 

Basically, every other episode on the Healing Justice podcast is a practice of some sort. There is, for instance, an anti-burnout meditation for activists. There's an Emotional Freedom Technique practice. And so on. (To continue my trend of gushy adjectives, all the practices are excellent. You should subscribe.)

The practice that adrienne shared is creating your own "spell" to cast (you can think of the word "spell" as literally or as metaphorically as you like) as we transition from 2017 into 2018. She asks questions like: What are you letting go of? What is the power you are standing in? What do you want to lean into more?

This episode/practice is SO GOOD. It is SO VERY FUCKING GOOD. (PS: Have I told you lately to get adrienne's book, Emergent Strategy? Go do that, please, especially if you are struggling with feeling hope about the world.)

And part of it involves defining what liberation means to you.

This is what I wrote:

Liberation means that none of us are afraid. 
All of us can get what we need: shelter, medical assistance, food, companionship, the work we love to do. 
Liberation means we all look the fuck out for each other. We all take care of one another. We all do our part and make sure no one is hungry or treated fascistically (I was going to write "no one is discriminated against" but I think Nazis should be discriminated against). 
We all can access the internet at no cost.
Our survival is not dependent upon the whims of an unfeeling market. There is plenty for all; there is abundance for everyone.
Billionaires and millionaires HAVE to share. They HAVE to contribute to the collective good.
Al of us have enough time to rest and nourish ourselves.
We all listen to each other and recognize that we all have so much in common, and where there is difference, we seek to understand compassionately.
We all acknowledge that hurt people hurt people, and we work to reform, not merely to punish.
The needs of QTPOC are front and center. We put "trickle-down feminism" away. We put white feminism away.
We invest in artists and consider art to be as basic a human need as food and air.
We all have access to the kind of sex we want to have, free from shame or fear.
We are all connected to our bodies. We have the tools to listen not only to, but with, those bodies.
It's super-easy to seek help when we need it, and we are confident that we will receive that help, because our community is looking out for us.

I'm not going to share my actual spell because, woof, vulnerable - but I wanted to share these musings with you.

What does liberation mean to you?

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