It's time to put on your own oxygen mask.
It's time to tell burnout, "Thanks for the valuable info but we're done here."
It's time to embrace the sacredness of your "no" AND your "hell yes."
It's time to enter every room as yourself.
It's time to be seen and heard in all the fullness of your humanity - without shame.
It's time to wake up excited to start your day.
It's time to feel fulfilled and joyful - as a rule.
It's time to spend your precious time in the manner of your choosing.

It's time.

I was feeling extremely overwhelmed, couldn’t start my dissertation proposal, could barely get myself out of bed some days, and felt like the world was just such a terrible place (it is) that I couldn’t do ANYTHING in any arenas of my life (I can). I also felt an utter lack of agency about the uncertainty I was facing in my work & academic life.

I realized you weren’t going to be sitting around judging me. You made the comment that you wanted to help me find room to breathe. And that was a HUGE shifting moment for me, because someone who barely knew me could see that I was drowning and wanted to rescue ME instead of “the work.” That was a huge shifting moment for me with my relationship to work and “success.”

I think the biggest shift is in seeing MYSELF - not just my output - as valuable. I didn’t realize that the real work would be finding empowerment by learning to VALUE my work, skills, and experience. I’ve turned down work & felt really good about it. I’ve gotten gigs I could barely dream about a year ago. I feel less like I need to apologize for myself when I walk into a room. And I was recently at a party where I could *see* people enjoying spending time with me, which was weird but also pretty cool. Coaching has given me the tools I need - to mourn and also laugh, and that both those things are okay. My coaching experience was sparkly, spacious, and WOW.
— Janet W.
You have to know how much you’ve helped me change my life. I was financially drained, emotionally unavailable, and unfocused with my own damn self. I knew I liked your advice and I knew I trusted your input and I knew something really deep in me had to change.

I faced some hard truths - that you somehow gently led me to, helped me carefully excavate, and then gave me the space and the grace to process how I needed to. It took me so long, but wow it’s so clear. Your sessions just fully helped me come into my own this year.

I’m still in my first week living/self renovating in the house that I bought for myself. My business is blowing up, I see a path, I met a person and for the first time it was easy and I don’t feel anxiety (nobody else might get what that means for me except for you, and my *lovely* shrink). I don’t know what is going to happen but I trust myself to figure that out. I love myself so much, I trust myself and I think I’m cool and so worthy of so much for the first time ever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For helping me find “celestial”, and for guiding me towards hope.
— Kate Y.
“Oh my God. When I approached you, I was three months into breaking off an engagement and five year relationship, had recently relocated, had no idea which way was up, worked in a business I loved but felt disconnected from, and all around felt like I couldn’t find my voice. I hadn’t even processed what had happened, let alone what I would like to happen.

Mariah! You HEARD me! You acknowledged how I think, and worked with it. I never felt like I needed to hide anything from you. And I just love talking to you. Something about the way you listened to me validated my journey. I had felt like a hot mess for so long, and here you were, seeing me as competent - and, well, it started a whole snowball effect.

I was very resistant to setting specific goals. I am ambitious, but goal averse (which you helped me realize, as well as helping me feel less “goal shame”). The goal I didn’t want to set was, “Go running! Write! Read a book! Get out of the house!” So I didn’t. We went in sideways. Guess what I’m doing today? Ran at 5:45 am, wrote a blog post, and am reading a book at my coworking space. With no resistance.

My executive coach said, “I can hear the leadership in your voice.” My business partner: “I finally have my partner back.” My friends: “I can see the difference in your face.” My family: “We aren’t worried about you any more.” My business: “I would like to make sure you hit last year’s annual revenue by April.” I am A NEW WOMAN!
— Julie F.
If I had unlimited funds, I’d do this process over and over again. I’ve instituted a TON of positive changes in my life, and my wife has noticed me being happier. I quit the dead-end job that I resented, took an improv class, and met some lovely people. I signed up for a 6 week fitness class with my wife and nailed it. I feel healthier and happier. I worked out 5 times a week for 6 weeks. That’s more than I’d ever done in my life. Long story short: By making time to work with someone as supportive as you, I was able to refocus my energies into figuring out what the hell it was that I wanted.

Thank you, Mariah. For being compassionate, giving and insightful. I needed all the help I could get to remove myself from a bad situation, and you are no small part of that actually coming to pass.
— Jaime M.R.
I was burnt out at my job, confused about relationships, and most of all I really wanted some sense of balance in my life, but I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. It felt like things should have been great if you look at my life on paper, but things really weren’t ok and I had to address the burnout immediately.

Even though I told Mariah, “I don’t do feelings,” as we went through the process together, I began to get the clarity I was looking for. I was terrified of talking about my feelings with other people. But their positive and nonjudgmental style convinced me that I could get through it, and that I’d only have to do what I was comfortable with. :)

After this process, I’ve been more able to recognize the point at which I’m melting down, and now I’m better able to give myself a break, which helps me get back on track more quickly and feel better once I do get back to it. I stopped adding my own guilt for not working to the problem, and I definitely have a healthier relationship with work these days. At the end of our final session, I had a solid sense of my short-term and long-term goals, and felt like I was on the path toward achieving them. I highly recommend this process, even if you think you “don’t do feelings.”
— Jen H.
Shawna Smiling.jpg
I was dedicating a lot of energy to the wrong areas of my life, focusing on the wrong areas of my career, and constantly being drawn to poisonous relationships and situations. I was insanely busy, and to the outside eye, maybe seemed as though I was moving forward and accomplishing things - yet I was exhausted, uninspired, and dealing with a lot of depression.

I instantly got an amazing energy from Mariah. I felt an exponential amount of trust and non-judgement from them. They have the sort of all-accepting presence that makes you feel as though you can open up as an equal, whilst making you feel as though you can be so much more than you realize. I learned to be less ashamed of not being okay and opening up about it.

The biggest change I’ve witnessed in myself has been SELF-WORTH. My self-worth has improved ten-fold, just being able to give myself the time for simple actions and moments of reflection that I wouldn’t allow myself to have before.

Everyone just notices that I am generally happier. I have a much easier time saying “no” when I need to, which actually works out the best for everyone in the end. My soul is finally shining towards something positive rather than being crunched down by New York garbage and excess. I now have the tools and ability to demand what’s best for me, based around what actually makes me feel good. I’ve finally learned that small steps that I’d never let myself take part in before make ALL the difference in feeding positive energy into every area of my life.
— Shawna W.
I was struggling with my life - all of it. My soul was being slowly sucked through a straw with my day job. I was finding no enjoyment in the simplest things. I was looking into the abyss.

I trusted Mariah to help me go on a journey that would hopefully lead me to a place where I was more secure in myself, but I had very few expectations. Here was someone who was (no offense) definitely my junior in life. However, a mutual acquaintance led me to believe that Mariah was wise beyond their years. I felt safe. Like I was in good hands.

Around November or so, people started to say my eyes looked clearer. I am braver now. I am not so crazed with the minutiae. I am not bogged down in the trivial. I don’t expect life to just hand me things. I say “no” more than I say “yes.” I stand up for myself even in difficult situations. Mariah rocks.
— Stephanie C. W.
Deciding to coach with Mariah was a no-brainer. I’ve worked with them previously as a playwright and they’ve been a true friend for years, but their coaching skills are next-level! The most important thing about our session is that they made me feel safe. As a creative, our experiences are multi-layered with personal and professional obstacles that can bleed into one another. Mariah creates a space to share your concerns, really listen without judgment, and then deconstruct it in a way to identify the heart of the matter. After our session, I felt stronger with actionable steps to get through my artist blocks. Even now, after our session, I know that they’ve got my back.
— Tess Paras
It felt like I wasn’t making any progress, and there were a lot of goals that I had set aside and really wanted to dive back into. My procrastination would lead to work or tasks piling up, and then they would cause me stress because the piles looked so big!

After our first session together, I remember having a lot of positive energy, like I could take on or do anything. Now, I “just do the thing.” I’ve always been a huge procrastinator, and saying “just do the thing” to myself is way more impactful than me telling myself to stop procrastinating. I’ve gotten a lot done, in all areas of my life, by committing 5 minutes to start something or complete a small task. I think my to do list is actually shorter now because there aren’t small items, like “respond to that one email,” just sitting there staring at me and waiting to be completed.

My husband notices now when my actions are not aligned with my goals or core desired feelings, and he asks me: what would Mariah say right now? He knows that their voice inside my head is telling me I’m a badass unicorn even when my voice is being negative or doubtful.

Two of the biggest benefits of working with Mariah were:
1) having dedicated time to just think about what I want and my goals - I couldn’t put it off or think about it later, and
2) feeling like I had their unconditional support.
— Becca N.
I was struggling with starting (and maintaining) my own creative business, X Statement, and art career. I wanted to be more creative but also balance my financial needs/goals - which a lot of artists deal with - and I couldn’t figure it out. I was stuck in my day job for a reliable source of income and didn’t feel like I had options.

Mariah rides the line of being the objective professional and the genuine, enthusiastic cheerleader. So I felt comfortable to be myself in all my frustrating imperfections. Also they are just the loveliest person to be around and talk to.

I became more open and communicative, but also wanting to engage more with my family and friends. My fiancé (who I live with) was the first to say I was happier and more productive. Honestly, I am happier overall, my daily mood has leveled out, and I am more focused on my art and business. I am also more consistent with my goals and work week to week and month to month.
— X. Stillwaggon,
Katie Lindsay headshot.jpeg
I was looking out at a period of downtime after three back to back intense projects. I had moved to a new city and felt daunted by the lack of connections and missing home. I was hoping to find some groundedness and steadiness during a time of change.

I remember a feeling of relief when I realized I could let things take time, have a little more faith in the universe, and invest my energy in things other than work achievement that matter to me—family, friends, my body, my spirit. I feel more compassionate towards myself when I’m feeling anxiety and fear about accomplishing my goals.
— Katie L.
This was a life-altering process and Mariah’s soul is so beautiful and generous, they make the process easy and fun. Take them up on this. Change your life.
— Gina F.
Photo by    Kacey Stamats

Photo by Kacey Stamats


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